(e)(i) Notwithstanding FAR 17.204(e), the ordering period of a task order or delivery order contract (including a contract for information technology) awarded by DoD pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 2304a—
(A) May be for any period up to 5 years;
(B) May be subsequently extended for one or more successive periods in accordance with an option provided in the contract or a modification of the contract; and
(C) Shall not exceed 10 years unless the head of the agency determines in writing that exceptional circumstances require a longer ordering period.
(ii) Paragraph (e)(i) of this section does not apply to the following:
(A) Contracts, including task or delivery order contracts, awarded under other statutory authority.
(B) Advisory and assistance service task order contracts (authorized by 10 U.S.C. 2304b that are limited by statute to 5 years, with the authority to extend an additional 6 months (see FAR 16.505(c)).
(C) Definite-quantity contracts.
(D) GSA schedule contracts.
(E) Multi-agency contracts awarded by agencies other than NASA, DoD, or the Coast Guard.
(iii) Obtain approval from the senior procurement executive before issuing an order against a task or delivery order contract subject to paragraph (e)(i) of this section, if performance under the order is expected to extend more than 1 year beyond the 10-year limit or extended limit described in paragraph (e)(i)(C) of this section (see FAR 37.106 for funding and term of service contracts).