(a) “Master agreement for repair and alteration of vessels”—
(1) Is a written instrument of understanding, negotiated between a contracting activity and a contractor that—
(A) Contains contract clauses, terms, and conditions applying to future contracts for repairs, alterations, and/or additions to vessels; and
(B) Contemplates separate future contracts that will incorporate by reference or attachment the required and applicable clauses agreed upon in the master agreement.
(2) Is not a contract.
(b) “Job order”—
(1) Is a fixed price contract incorporating, by reference or attachment, a master agreement for repair and alteration of vessels;
(2) May include clauses pertaining to subjects not covered by the master agreement; but applicable to the job order being awarded; and
(3) Applies to a specific acquisition and sets forth the scope of work, price, delivery date, and other appropriate terms that apply to the particular job order.