(a) Activities shall enter into master agreements for repair and alteration of vessels with all prospective contractors located within the United States or its outlying areas, which—
(1) Request ship repair work; and
(2) Possess the organization and facilities to perform the work satisfactorily. (Issuance of a master agreement does not indicate approval of the contractor's facility for any particular acquisition and is not an affirmative determination of responsibility under FAR Subpart 9.1 for any particular acquisition.)
(b) Activities may use master agreements in work with prospective contractors located outside the United States and its outlying areas.
(c) Activities may issue job orders under master agreements to effect repairs, alterations, and/or additions to vessels belonging to foreign governments.
(1) Contractors shall treat vessels of a foreign government as if they were vessels of the U.S. Government whenever requested to do so by the contracting officer.
(2) Identify the vessel and the foreign government in the solicitation and job order.