Departments and agencies—
(a) May acquire replenishment parts concurrently with production of the end item.
(b) Shall provide for full and open competition when fully adequate drawings and any other needed data are available with the right to use for acquisition purposes (see Part 227). However—
(1) When data is not available for a competitive acquisition, use one of the procedures in PGI 217.7504 .
(2) Replenishment parts must be acquired so as to ensure the safe, dependable, and effective operation of the equipment. Where this assurance is not possible with new sources, competition may be limited to the original manufacturer of the equipment or other sources that have previously manufactured or furnished the parts as long as the action is justified. See 209.270 for requirements applicable to replenishment parts for aviation or ship critical safety items.
(c) Shall follow the limitations on price increases in 217.7505 .