219.502 - RESERVED

219.502-1 - Requirements for setting aside acquisitions
Do not set aside acquisitions—
(1) For supplies that were developed and financed, in whole or in part, by Canadian sources under the U.S.-Canadian Defense Development Sharing Program; or
(2) Excluded from procurement center representative review (see 219.402 (c)(iii)).

219.502-2 - Total set-asides
(a) Unless the contracting officer determines that the criteria for set-aside cannot be met, set aside for small business concerns acquisitions for—
(i) Construction, including maintenance and repairs, under $2.5 million;
(ii) Dredging under $1.5 million; and
(iii) Architect-engineer services for military construction or family housing projects under $1 million (10 U.S.C. 2855).

219.505 - Rejecting Small Business Administration recommendations
(b) The designee shall be at a level no lower than chief of the contracting office.