The Program includes—
(a) Mentor firms and protege firms that meet the criteria in Appendix I, section I-102.
(b) Mentor-protege agreements that establish a developmental assistance program for a protege firm.
(c) Incentives that DoD may provide to mentor firms, including:
(1) Reimbursement for developmental assistance costs through—
(i) A separately priced contract line item on a DoD contract; or
(ii) A separate contract, upon written determination by the cognizant Component Director, Small Business Programs (SBP), that unusual circumstances justify reimbursement using a separate contract; or
(2) Credit toward applicable subcontracting goals, established under a subcontracting plan negotiated under FAR subpart 19.7 or under the DoD Comprehensive Subcontracting Test Program, for developmental assistance costs that are not reimbursed.