(a) This section applies to all acquisitions involving the use of ammunition and explosives, including acquisitions for—
(1) Development;
(2) Testing;
(3) Research;
(4) Manufacturing;
(5) Handling or loading;
(6) Assembling;
(7) Packaging;
(8) Storage;
(9) Transportation;
(10) Renovation;
(11) Demilitarization;
(12) Modification;
(13) Repair;
(14) Disposal;
(15) Inspection; or
(16) Any other use, including acquisitions requiring the use or the incorporation of materials listed in paragraph (b) of this subsection for initiation, propulsion, or detonation as an integral or component part of an explosive, an ammunition, or explosive end item or weapon system.
(b) This section does not apply to acquisitions solely for—
(1) Inert components containing no explosives, propellants, or pyrotechnics;
(2) Flammable liquids;
(3) Acids;
(4) Oxidizers;
(5) Powdered metals; or
(6) Other materials having fire or explosive characteristics.