223.7106 - Contract clause
Use the basic or the alternate of the clause at 252.223-7006, Prohibition on Storage, Treatment, and Disposal of Toxic or Hazardous Materials, in all solicitations and contracts which require, may require, or permit contractor access to a DoD installation.
(a) Use the basic clause, unless a determination is made under 223.7104 (a)(10).
(b) Use the alternate I clause when the Secretary of the military department issues a determination under the exception at 223.7104 (a)(10).

223.7300 - Definition
“Legacy system,” as used in this subpart, means any program that has passed Milestone A in the defense acquisition management system, as defined in DoD Instruction 5000.02.

223.7301 - Policy
It is DoD policy to minimize hexavalent chromium (an anti-corrosive) in items acquired by DoD (deliverables and construction material), due to the serious human health and environmental risks related to its use. Executive Order 13423, section 3, paragraph (a) requires that the heads of agencies reduce or eliminate the acquisition and use of toxic or hazardous chemicals. Executive Order 13514 requires that the heads of agencies are responsible for “reducing and minimizing the quantity of toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials acquired, used, or disposed of.”

223.7304 - Exceptions
The prohibition in 223.7303 does not apply to—
(a) Legacy systems and their related parts, subsystems, and components that already contain hexavalent chromium. However, alternatives to hexavalent chromium shall be considered by the appropriate official during system modifications, follow-on procurements of legacy systems, or maintenance procedure updates; and
(b) Additional sustainment related contracts (e.g., parts, services) for a system in which use of hexavalent chromium was previously approved.