(a) The contracting officer shall include the following clauses with appropriate fill-ins in solicitations and contracts that include performance-based payments:
(1) For performance-based payments made on a whole-contract basis, use the clause at 252.232-7012 , Performance-Based Payments–Whole-Contract Basis.
(2) For performance-based payments made on a deliverable-item basis, use the clause at 252.232-7013 , Performance-Based Payments–Deliverable-Item Basis.
(b) Use the provision at 252.232-7015 , Performance-Based Payments–Representation, in solicitations where the resulting contract may include performance-based payments.
(c) Use the provision at 252.232-7016 , Notice of Progress Payments or Performance-Based Payments, in lieu of FAR 52.232-13, Notice of Progress Payments, when the solicitation contains clauses for progress payments and performance-based payments (only one type of financing will be included in the resultant contract, except as may be authorized on separate orders subject to FAR 32.1003(c)).