(a) Prequalification procedures may be used when necessary to ensure timely and efficient performance of critical construction projects. Prequalification—
(1) Results in a list of sources determined to be qualified to perform a specific construction contract; and
(2) Limits offerors to those with proven competence to perform in the required manner.
(b) The head of the contracting activity must—
(1) Authorize the use of prequalification by determining, in writing, that a construction project is of an urgency or complexity that requires prequalification; and
(2) Approve the prequalification procedures.
(c) For small businesses, the prequalification procedures must require the qualifying authority to—
(1) Request a preliminary recommendation from the appropriate Small Business Administration regional office, if the qualifying authority believes a small business is not responsible;
(2) Permit the small business to submit a bid or proposal if the preliminary recommendation is that the small business is responsible; and
(3) Follow the procedures in FAR 19.6, if the small business is in line for award and is found nonresponsible.