245.7001 - Forms
Use the forms listed below in performance of plant clearance actions.

245.7001-1 - Standard Form 97, Certificate of Release of a Motor Vehicle (Agency Record Copy)
Use for transfers, donations, and sales of motor vehicles. The contracting officer shall execute the SF 97 and furnish it to the purchaser.

245.7001-2 - DD Form 1149, Requisition and Invoice Shipping Document
Use for transfer and donation of contractor inventory.

245.7001-3 - DD Form 1348-1, DoD Single Line Item Release/Receipt Document
Use when authorized by the plant clearance officer.

245.7001-4 - DD Form 1640, Request for Plant Clearance
Use to request plant clearance assistance or transfer plant clearance.

245.7001-5 - DD Form 1641, Disposal Determination/Approval
Use to record rationale for the following disposal determinations:
(a) Downgrade usable property to scrap.
(b) Abandonment or destruction.
(c) Noncompetitive sale of surplus property.
(d) Other disposal actions.

245.7001-6 - DLA Form 1822, End Use Certificate
Use when directed by the plant clearance officer.