(a) General.
(1) Ordinarily, a representative of the contract administration office signs or stamps the shipping papers that accompany Government source-inspected supplies to release them for shipment. This is done for both prime and subcontracts.
(2) An alternative procedure (see paragraph (b) of this section) permits the contractor to assume the responsibility for releasing the supplies for shipment.
(3) The alternative procedure may include prime contractor release of supplies inspected at a subcontractor's facility.
(4) The use of the alternative procedure releases DoD manpower to perform technical functions by eliminating routine signing or stamping of the papers accompanying each shipment.
(b) Alternative Procedures—Contract Release for Shipment.
(1) For foreign military sales contracts, do not use alternative procedures.
(2) The contract administration office may authorize, in writing, the contractor to release supplies for shipment when—
(i) The stamping or signing of the shipping papers by a representative of the contract administration office interferes with the operation of the Government contract quality assurance program or takes too much of the Government representative's time;
(ii) There is sufficient continuity of production to permit the Government to establish a systematic and continuing evaluation of the contractor's control of quality; and
(iii) The contractor has a record of satisfactory quality, including that pertaining to preparation for shipment.
(3) The contract administration office shall withdraw, in writing, the authorization when there is an indication that the conditions in paragraph (b)(2) of this section no longer exist.
(4) When the alternative procedure is used, require the contractor to—
(i) Type or stamp, and sign, the following statement on the required copy or copies of the shipping paper(s), or on an attachment—

(ii) Release and process, in accordance with established instructions, the DD Form 250, Material Inspection and Receiving Report, or other authorized receiving report.