Basic. As prescribed in 225.1101 (1) and (1)(i), use the following provision:
(a) Definitions. “Commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) item,” “component,” “domestic end product,” “foreign end product,” “qualifying country,” “qualifying country end product,” and “United States,” as used in this provision, have the meanings given in the Buy American and Balance of Payments Program—Basic clause of this solicitation.
(b) Evaluation. The Government—
(1) Will evaluate offers in accordance with the policies and procedures of Part 225 of the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement; and
(2) Will evaluate offers of qualifying country end products without regard to the restrictions of the Buy American statute or the Balance of Payments Program.
(c) Certifications and identification of country of origin.
(1) For all line items subject to the Buy American and Balance of Payments Program—Basic clause of this solicitation, the offeror certifies that—
(i) Each end product, except those listed in paragraphs (c)(2) or (3) of this provision, is a domestic end product; and
(ii) For end products other than COTS items, components of unknown origin are considered to have been mined, produced, or manufactured outside the United States or a qualifying country.
(2) The offeror certifies that the following end products are qualifying country end products:

(3) The following end products are other foreign end products, including end products manufactured in the United States that do not qualify as domestic end products, i.e., an end product that is not a COTS item and does not meet the component test in paragraph (ii) of the definition of “domestic end product”:

(End of provision)