As prescribed at 227.7103-8 (b), use the following clause:
In addition to technical data or computer software specified elsewhere in this contract to be delivered hereunder, the Government may, at any time during the performance of this contract or within a period of three (3) years after acceptance of all items (other than technical data or computer software) to be delivered under this contract or the termination of this contract, order any technical data or computer software generated in the performance of this contract or any subcontract hereunder. When the technical data or computer software is ordered, the Contractor shall be compensated for converting the data or computer software into the prescribed form, for reproduction and delivery. The obligation to deliver the technical data of a subcontractor and pertaining to an item obtained from him shall expire three (3) years after the date the Contractor accepts the last delivery of that item from that subcontractor under this contract. The Government's rights to use said data or computer software shall be pursuant to the “Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software” clause of this contract.
(End of clause)