Basic. As prescribed in 234.7101 (b) and (b)(1), use the following clause:
(a) In the performance of this contract, the Contractor shall use—
(1) A documented standard cost and software data reporting (CSDR) process that satisfies the guidelines contained in the DoD 5000.04–M–1, CSDR Manual;
(2) Management procedures that provide for generation of timely and reliable information for the contractor cost data reports (CCDRs) and software resources data reports (SRDRs) required by the CCDR and SRDR data items of this contract; and
(3) The Government-approved CSDR plan for this contract, DD Form 2794, and the related Resource Distribution Table as the basis for reporting in accordance with the required CSDR data item descriptions (DIDs).
(b) The Contractor shall require CSDR reporting from subcontractors at any tier with a subcontract that exceeds $50 million. If, for subcontracts that exceed $50 million, the Contractor changes subcontractors or makes new subcontract awards, the Contractor shall notify the Government.
(End of clause)