Basic. As prescribed in 246.710 (1) and (1)(i), use the following clause:
(a) Definition.“Technical data” has the same meaning as given in the clause in this contract entitled Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software.
(b) Warranty.Notwithstanding inspection and acceptance by the Government of technical data furnished under this contract, and notwithstanding any provision of this contract concerning the conclusiveness of acceptance, the Contractor warrants that all technical data delivered under this contract will at the time of delivery conform with the specifications and all other requirements of this contract. The warranty period shall extend for three years after completion of the delivery of the line item of data (as identified in DD Form 1423, Contract Data Requirements List) of which the data forms a part; or any longer period specified in the contract.
(c) Contractor Notification.The Contractor agrees to notify the Contracting Officer in writing immediately of any breach of the above warranty which the Contractor discovers within the warranty period.
(d) Remedies.The following remedies shall apply to all breaches of the warranty, whether the Contractor notifies the Contracting Officer in accordance with paragraph (c) of this clause or if the Government notifies the Contractor of the breach in writing within the warranty period:
(1) Within a reasonable time after such notification, the Contracting Officer may—
(i) By written notice, direct the Contractor to correct or replace at the Contractor's expense the nonconforming technical data promptly; or
(ii) If the Contracting Officer determines that the Government no longer has a requirement for correction or replacement of the data, or that the data can be more reasonably corrected by the Government, inform the Contractor by written notice that the Government elects a price or fee adjustment instead of correction or replacement.
(2) If the Contractor refuses or fails to comply with a direction under paragraph (d)(1)(i) of this clause, the Contracting Officer may, within a reasonable time of the refusal or failure—
(i) By contract or otherwise, correct or replace the nonconforming technical data and charge the cost to the Contractor; or
(ii) Elect a price or fee adjustment instead of correction or replacement.
(3) The remedies in this clause represent the only way to enforce the Government's rights under this clause.
(e) The provisions of this clause apply anew to that portion of any corrected or replaced technical data furnished to the Government under paragraph (d)(1)(i) of this clause.
(End of clause)