(b) Some wage determinations will list a series of classes within a job classification family, for example, Computer Operators, level I, II, and III, or Electronic Technicians, level I, II, and III, or Clerk Typist, level I and II. Generally, level I is the lowest level. It is the entry level, and establishment of a lower level through conformance is not permissible. Further, trainee classifications may not be conformed. Helpers in skilled maintenance trades (for example, electricians, machinists, and automobile mechanics) whose duties constitute, in fact, separate and distinct jobs may also be used if listed on the wage determination, but may not be conformed. Conformance may not be used to artificially split or subdivide classifications listed in the wage determination. However, conforming procedures may be used if the work which an employee performs under the contract is not within the scope of any classification listed on the wage determination, regardless of job title. (See 29 CFR 4.152.)