(c) Notice and proposal preparation.

(1) When the award of a contract would require a change to an established cost accounting practice, the provision at 52.230-7, Proposal Disclosure—Cost Accounting Practice Changes, requires the offeror to—

(i) Prepare the contract pricing proposal in response to the solicitation using the changed cost accounting practice for the period of performance for which the practice will be used; and

(ii) Submit a description of the changed cost accounting practice to the contracting officer and the CFAO as pricing support for the proposal.

(2) When a change is required to remain in compliance (for reasons other than a contract award) or to comply with a new or modified standard, the clause at 52.230-6, Administration of Cost Accounting Standards, requires the contractor to—

(i) Submit a description of the change to the CFAO not less than 60 days (or other mutually agreeable date) before implementation of the change; and

(ii) Submit rationale to support any contractor written statement that the cost impact of the change is immaterial.