36.210 Inspection of site and examination of data.

The contracting officer should make appropriate arrangements for prospective offerors to inspect the work site and to have the opportunity to examine data available to the Government which may provide information concerning the performance of the work, such as boring samples, original boring logs, and records and plans of previous construction. The data should be assembled in one place and made available for examination. The solicitation should notify offerors of the time and place for the site inspection and data examination. If it is not feasible for offerors to inspect the site or examine the data on their own, the solicitation should also designate an individual who will show the site or data to the offerors. Significant site information and the data should be made available to all offerors in the same manner, including information regarding any utilities to be furnished during construction. A record should be kept of the identity and affiliation of all offerors’ representatives who inspect the site or examine the data.