42.1205 Agreement to recognize contractor’s change of name.

(a) If only a change of the contractor’s name is involved and the Government’s and contractor’s rights and obligations remain unaffected, the parties shall execute an agreement to reflect the name change. The contractor shall forward to the responsible contracting officer three signed copies of the Change-of-Name Agreement, and one copy each of the following:

(1) The document effecting the name change, authenticated by a proper official of the State having jurisdiction.

(2) The opinion of the contractor’s legal counsel stating that the change of name was properly effected under applicable law and showing the effective date.

(3) A list of all affected contracts and purchase orders remaining unsettled between the contractor and the Government, showing for each the contract number and type, and name and address of the contracting office. The contracting officer may request the total dollar value as amended and the remaining unpaid balance for each contract.

(b) The following suggested format for an agreement may be adapted for specific cases: