(c) In determining whether f.o.b. origin or f.o.b. destination is more advantageous to the Government, the contracting officer shall consider the availability of lower freight rates (Government rate tenders) to the Government for f.o.b. origin acquisitions. F.o.b. origin contracts also present other desirable traffic management features, in that they—

(1) Permit use of transit privileges (see 47.305-13);

(2) Permit diversions to new destinations without price adjustment for transportation (see 47.305-11);

(3) Facilitate use of special routings or types of equipment (e.g., circuitous routing or oversize shipments) (see 47.305-14);

(4) Facilitate, if necessary, use of premium cost transportation and permit Government-controlled transportation;

(5) Permit negotiations for reduced freight rates (see 47.104-1(b)); and

(6) Permit use of small shipment consolidation stations.