(2) Acquisition savings may be realized on the instant contract, concurrent contracts, and future contracts. The contractor is entitled to a percentage share (see paragraph (a)(1)) of any net acquisition savings. Net acquisition savings result when the total of acquisition savings becomes greater than the total of Government costs and any negative instant contract savings. This may occur on the instant contract or it may not occur until reductions have been negotiated on concurrent contracts or until future contract savings are calculated, either through lump-sum payment or as each future contract is awarded.

(i) When the instant contract is not an incentive contract, the contractor’s share of net acquisition savings is calculated and paid each time such savings are realized. This may occur once, several times, or, in rare cases, not at all.

(ii) When the instant contract is an incentive contract, the contractor shares in instant contract savings through the contract’s incentive structure. In calculating acquisition savings under incentive contracts, the contracting officer shall add any negative instant contract savings to the target cost or to the target price and ceiling price and then offset these negative instant contract savings and any Government costs against concurrent and future contract savings.