(d) The Contractor shall include in all negotiated subcontracts which the Contractor enters into, the substance of this clause, except paragraph (b), and shall require such inclusion in all other subcontracts, of any tier, including the obligation to comply with all CAS in effect on the subcontractor’s award date or if the subcontractor has submitted certified cost or pricing data, on the date of final agreement on price as shown on the subcontractor’s signed Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data. If the subcontract is awarded to a business unit which pursuant to 48 CFR 9903.201-2 is subject to other types of CAS coverage, the substance of the applicable clause set forth in subsection 30.201-4 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation shall be inserted. This requirement shall apply only to negotiated subcontracts in excess of $750,000, except that the requirement shall not apply to negotiated subcontracts otherwise exempt from the requirement to include a CAS clause as specified in 48 CFR 9903.201-1.

(End of clause)