(c) Unless otherwise directed by the Contracting Officer or provided in the contract, the Contractor shall return all Government-furnished equipment, supplies, and property, including all property not returned in the form of acceptable end items, to the point at which the Government property was originally furnished to the Contractor under the contract. Notwithstanding the fact that the Government may have furnished the property at the Contractor’s plant, the Contracting Officer may direct the Contractor to deliver the Government property being returned to, and load, block, and brace it in, railway cars in the city in which the Contractor’s plant is located, or, if the Contractor’s city is not served by rail service, in the nearest city having rail service. Unless otherwise specified in the contract, all property shall be packed in containers conforming with the rules of common carrier published tariffs so as to be free of penalty charges by the carrier designated for shipment by the Government.

(End of clause)