(d) For proposed orders exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold.

(1) Each order shall be placed on a competitive basis in accordance with (d)(2) and (3) of this section, unless this requirement is waived on the basis of a justification that is prepared and approved in accordance with 8.405-6.

(2) The ordering activity contracting officer shall provide an RFQ that includes a description of the supplies to be delivered or the services to be performed and the basis upon which the selection will be made (see 8.405-1(f)).

(3) The ordering activity contracting officer shall —

(i) Post the RFQ on e-Buy to afford all schedule contractors offering the required supplies or services under the appropriate multiple award schedule(s) an opportunity to submit a quote; or

(ii) Provide the RFQ to as many schedule contractors as practicable, consistent with market research appropriate to the circumstances, to reasonably ensure that quotes will be received from at least three contractors that can fulfill the requirements. When fewer than three quotes are received from schedule contractors that can fulfill the requirement, the contracting officer shall prepare a written determination explaining that no additional contractors capable of fulfilling the requirement could be identified despite reasonable efforts to do so. The determination must clearly explain efforts made to obtain quotes from at least three schedule contractors.

(4) The ordering activity contracting officer shall ensure that all quotes received are fairly considered and award is made in accordance with the basis for selection in the RFQ.